Mini IP Camera Dome 720p 1280x720 XM510 CMOS Outdoor Vandal-proof, Car, IR 15m ONVIF, HD1 AC3473

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Robust Miniature Dome IP camera

Mechanical filter ICR, IR illuminator up to 15m

2.8mm lens; Viewing angle: 81 ° range

Ideal for mounting with a bus, truck, car

Extensive and refined software.



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Mini IP Camera Dome 720p 1280x720 XM510 CMOS Outdoor Vandal-proof, Car, IR 15m ONVIF, HD1

Model: AC3473

EAN: 6931240044223

  • 1/4 XM510 CMOS, Resolution: 1280x720; Sensitivity: 0.01lux
  • High-quality lens for 2.8 megapixel cameras (viewing angle 81 °)
  • Outdoor camera. Solid aluminum housing
  • The camera supports video streaming via RTSP. It is also possible to place the image from the camera on any website. The camera supports the ONVIF standard (allows for cooperation with almost every recorder for IP cameras)
  • The ability to view the image from the camera on a mobile phone: Android, IPhone.
  • The camera comes with an extensive professional program in Polish for recording and playing back images from IP cameras.
  • Hermetic plug for a network cable
  • Miniature sizes only: 53 * 36 * 60mm


Robust Miniature Dome IP camera

Mechanical filter ICR, IR illuminator up to 15m

2.8mm lens; Viewing angle: 81 ° range

Ideal for mounting with a bus, truck, car

Extensive and refined software.

Technical parameters


The included program works with all IP series cameras: ACTIO HD1. Cameras are available in our offer.

Our opinion:

- Extremely complex software in the camera and software included with the camera.

- The correct support for ONVIF, RTSP, RTS standards allows the use of these cameras in many external applications, to display the image on websites ...

- Solid workmanship.

- High image quality



Image resolution in real preview mode: 1280x720

Image resolution in recording mode: 1280x720

Image compression: H.264,

Image refresh: 25fps (perfectly smooth image)

Correction of image parameters: brightness, contrast, color, saturation.

Putting text on the image: Video channel number, date, information about the speed of data transfer,

Network Functions

RJ45 socket 10 / 100Mbit: YES; Allows wired connection of the camera to the network

Supported Internet protocols: IP Filter, DDNS, EMAIL, NTP, PPPoE, ARSP, UPNP, FTP, AlarmServer, RTSP, DAS, Cloud, PMS.

ONVIF support: YES (products with ONVIF certificate can work with other products with ONVIF certificate)

Camera software

Preview of the image from the camera in real mode via the local network and the Internet using the IE browser.

Motion detection and alarm: In the event of motion detection, it is possible to send e-mail with photos, send photos or video to the FTP server at any time. Motion detection functions may operate at certain times (according to a set weekly schedule)

Ability to send photos and video on the FTP server: This function allows you to place a view from the camera on any website and archive video recordings on any FTP server (it can be a network disk in the FTP server function).

Access is divided into two groups: Administrator, User, User. Each group has the appropriate permissions.

The software can be set for a variable IP address (Neostrada, Netia ... on request, we can provide a manual for such a connection).

A program for camera operation

A program is included with the camera that allows you to view, save and playback images from IP cameras on your computer.

Support for any number of IP cameras at the same time

Video compression: H.264

Real-time preview of IP cameras

Record image from cameras on the computer hard disk (according to the schedule, motion detection, manually)

Browsing recorded video materials.

Alarm options when motion detection is detected.

Swivels can be controlled.

Many other functions

Other programs included: Upgrade, Player, NetSDK, H264Play, Disk Player, the second CMS program

Program for servicing mobile phones

Supported systems: Android, IPhone.

The program allows you to view the image from the camera via a mobile phone.


Focal length: 2.8mm

Viewing angle: 81 ° range

light: F 1-1.4

Focus adjustment: Yes, manual

Attaching the lens: plate cameras

Lens for Mega Pixel cameras: YES; 2Mpix

IR illuminator


Number of IR LEDs: 12x

Backlight range - up to 15m

The IR illumination range depends on the camera mounting conditions and the width of the lens's angle of view.

Mechanically moved infrared filter (ICR)


Outer casing: IP67 tightness (dustproof, resistant to very strong water flow from all directions)

Material: Aluminum

Glass cover: Tempered double glass

Temp. operation: -30 ° C - + 55 ° C

Black colour


DC 12V 1000mA

Power input: Power socket 2.1mm / 5.5mm

Power consumption without IR LEDs: 4W

Power consumption with IR diodes: 6W

Lens change service

Lens change service

The cost of lens change service for the offered camera:

8mm (40 ° viewing angle) - PLN 20

6mm (53 ° viewing angle) - PLN 20

2.8mm (105 ° viewing angle) - PLN 25

The wider the angle of view of the lens, the view from the camera becomes more distant but the image from the camera covers a larger area. Lens with a wider viewing angle works well when the camera is in close proximity to the monitored object. If, for example: we want to monitor almost the entire room with one camera, we use a 2.8mm, 2.5mm or 2.1mm lens.

The narrower the angle of view, the closer the camera view becomes and the camera covers a smaller area. A narrow-angle lens is used when you want to monitor an object far away from the camera. Such an object with such a lens will be significantly approximated. The given angles of view may be different than in reality (The same lens inserted into different cameras can give a different angle of view).


Set: weight11g


Dimensions of the camera: 53*36*60mm

Cable length: about 45cm

Certificates and standards


Kit contents

1x IP camera

1x Instructions in Polish

1x Cardboard packaging

1x Software


12 months

4 Items

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